gabriele schaffartzik
Born 1964 in Bremen, Germany. Studied at Georg-August-University in Göttingen, Germany, and at the Graphic Department of the Academy of Fine Arts "Jan Matejko" in Cracow, Poland.

Member of Germany's Federal Association of Visual Artists (BBK). Board member of the regional section BBK-Harz.
Member of "GEDOK - Society of the Association of Women Artists and Art Friends", Niedersachsen/Hannover, Germany
Founding member and president of the art institution „KulturRad". Organisation of the annual „Open Houses" and of an annual group display of artists in the region around Göttingen, Germany.

I am a painter. I prefer to create series of paintings. Serial work automatically causes an intense processing. Thinking that there is a severe importance in the creative process itself it is intensity that I am looking for. Focusing on the topic of landscapes and cityscapes for some time (Taking my cue from concrete experiences in various landscapes, and then tending to move away, in various stages, from more representational responses in order to create new, more abstract spaces that are, however, still informed by certain landscape features.) I have been trying a different path in my recent works:
The purpose behind my recent artworks (mixed media, painting-drawing) is the exploration of different techniques to configure my personal dialogue between memories, associations, emotions, symbols, colours, lines, ornaments and patterns. Quotations are determining factors. Figurative representations are superimposed by patterns and ornamentation. It is always a process of layering and overlayering.
Processing my personal associations I am increasingly interested in different kinds of ornamentation - from symbolic ornaments to decorative patterns.


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